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Web hosting multiple domain names on the same hosting account

Until recently there didn't really exist a simple and cheap way to host multiple websites and domain names on the same web server using only one hosting account. But now there is a way, and it's dirt cheap. Read on!

[If you are trying to find information on how to configure your own Apache server for hosting several websites using only one IP address, please click here. This website is for the rest of us, who might have never even heard of an Apache server...]


Earlier, if you wanted to host multiple websites with separate domain names, you either had to pay for separate web hosting accounts for each domain or setup domain forwarding. Buying a separate hosting account for each domain name is of course expensive and there are some annoying problems with domain forwarding which can make your site look quite unprofessional.

But now there is a new trend with website hosting providers. They are starting to enable you to have multiple domains and multiple websites on a single cheap account. When you want to set up a new website, just add a new domain name to your account and voilá! - you get yourself a new website for the price of registering a domain. And I am not talking about parked domains, forwarded domains or subdomains - these are independent domains which, to your web site visitors and search engines, look like completely separate websites.

All you need to worry about is whether there is enough storage space for all your websites and that the extra traffic generated by your multiple websites does not exceed the transfer limits. But not to worry, even with really cheap hosting providers the amounts of storage space and data transfer allowed are getting absurdly high. Like for example IX Webhosting with 300 Gigabytes of web space and 3,000 GB Data Transfer every month - for $3,95 per month. Now that's ridiculous.

Please note that if you want multiple websites and multiple independent domain names on the same webserver, then choosing the right hosting provider is crucial. Although most hosting providers offer multiple forwarded domains, not all of them let you host multiple domains which actually look like separate websites (like IX Webhosting does).

Before getting into more detail about how to set up your web hosting account for multiple domains, let's take a look at some pitfalls you need to look out for.

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Popular Web hosting providers
which offer multiple domains
on a single hosting account:

  • Green Geeks
  • IX Web Hosting
  • Host Monster
  • Think Host
  • Host Papa
  • Dream Host
  • Host Gator
  • Go Daddy Web Hosting

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